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Large and Small

We care about your family! We work with larger farm animals, house pets, and even pocket pets!

Exam Room

Routine Health Maintenance

To help maintain your animal friend's health, we believe you should have them checked up annually. Health maintenance includes things like preventative care, shots, and physical exams. We offer this service for both your large and small animals.

Comprehensive Medical Care

Wouldn't it be nice for your animal to tell you when it has an ache or pain? Unfortunately, they can't, but that's what this service is for. The doctor will exam your pet thoroughly in order to identify its current issues and to create the best plan of action to care for your animal. They do a complete review of your pet's health, including: vital signs such as temperature and heart rate; assessment of the skeletal and muscle structures; teeth, eyes, ears, heart, and lung functions; abdominal organ palpitations; an examination of your pet's skin and coat. This service is open to both larger and smaller animals.

Exam Room

Horse and Woman

Surgical and Dental Care

We do our surgeries in-house, including the different elective surgeries we offer. Those include spade and neuter, limb amputation, lump removal, or any quality of life surgeries for your pets or livestock. We also offer dental for not only small, but your larger animal friends as well. We have a piece of equipment known as an equine dental power float, a portable electric drill for grinding a horse's teeth without causing discomfort, which is specifically for horse dental work. Any horse loving person will know how important of a tool this is for your equine friend's dental health.

Dog and Ball


In-House Surgery

Our surgeries are done in-house, meaning we won't send you somewhere else after finding out surgery is necessary.



X-Ray Diagnostics

This is one method we use to find a cause of something wrong with your pet's health. We use a digital x-ray system, meaning you don't have to wait around for film pictures to develop!

Cat Sleeping


Hospitalization Area

For pets who need a hospital stay for a variety of therapies, just to be safe.



Laboratory Blood Work

Our laboratory for blood work is also in-house, meaning you won't have to wait for a third-party to pass on information to us, then you. It all comes straight from the horse's mouth!